Friday, August 27, 2010

One step ahead.

I feel kind of excited blogging the first, and probably the last post for the month of august, or I shall call it the month of bad luck (after the lost of ze precious camera and phone ;( ). Second Semester has started. After all, college isn't as bad as I thought, well assignments are exceptional.

3 more days to Merdeka! Happy Holiday Malaysian. :)


much love.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I've been missed, no?

 was stoning at the park with mei the other day, 'LOOK! rainbow!' *smiles*

Ahh I kinda miss the feeling of blogging, (well not like I update my blog often, pfff.) But its been two months! and finally my ponstar beetch is back :)  Still hate the fact of waking up early for college, even worse when its just an hour of class, although its only 5 minutes drive away. Sigh, I'll probably start treating my blog as a place where I will just whine all about my life,  fmlfmlfmlfmlfml gah! no I love my life :x Anyways, congrats pline wen and aaron!  I is proud of you guys, smiles :D (I'll be waiting for my dinner wen! :P)

Maybe I should start taking random pictures and update my blog whenever I'm feeling...lifeless emo, like now! I feel much better now :)

Alright, time to sleep, good night!


Thursday, April 15, 2010


Here comes the long weekend, I like. :)

Wil & GheeLing.
After college on monday, tagged along with this two crazy ex-colleagues for lunch. :)


Keahlian camp was great! it was really a whole new experience being someone older. :)  Just realized how much I miss being a junior, good times. Other than that, everything is fine, more assignments and mid-term in 4 weeks. Daymn, I miss hanging out with the gang, devi's soon guys? :) 

Still undefined.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

When violet eyes get brighter.

Woot, currently addicted to vanila twilight by owlcity. :) College was alright, its only the second day, being a loner still. Sigh seriously, I would do anything just to go back to high school, blah. :(  

Last sunday, finally had my chili pan mee at KD! Went to aman suria instead of kota damansara on sat, sorry HQ, I'll bring you there this sat kays. :D

Sigh Imma gonna miss ma beetch here, urghh cant believe you're ditching me for almost 2 months! :( Have fun in your Tagalog land, & say hi to Andaya for me! teeehee. :P

that's all for now, sleeeep!

I hate you, liars.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


3 months of holidays, including that 1 and a half months of working life has officially ended. And started the whole being a college girl life, woot! Good to know that I still have readers who drop by once in a while. :D

Just a short update about last weekend,

 Went to Seremban for lunch!

and tasted the best Hakka Mee in town!  :DD

Celebrated Pontaytay's 18th birthday eating Duriannnn at ss2, lol.

  loving the new hair colour, violet-ish black. :)

I want more green tea ice-cream!
Till then.


Sunday, January 31, 2010


Food. my best friend while I was rotting at home for the past 4 days, and I can actually feel those fats growing around me (except the ears guys lol), blah I miss swimming, but I is missing my tanning swimming partner jounaynay more :(

Sometimes I feel like doing some addmaths, just incase my brain doesn't rot together with my body :D sigh I miss schoooool sooo much. and the more I rot the more I eat therefore the more I spend, lol. Tsk time to work and get some cash back for mommy soon :)

I am still craving for potato salad and bubblejelly peach tea, sobs. and btw congrats lihwen for your VP thing! :D
till then, see you people around.

Monday, January 18, 2010

6M Reunion (Year 2004)

Justin managed to gather the 13 of us to have our very 1st reunion, if im not mistaken the last time we met was 5 years ago?Daymn. It was really great to see you guys again.

us with the best class teacher ever.

and we were her best assistants :D

the guys, they used to be the smaller than the girls, alot lol.
was desperate to meet up with this girl here, sujin! my long lost bff  :)

Justin, thanks for organizing this! :D

siewmun sujin and joyce. I swear i wasn't the shortest back in std 6, lol.

ps: no longer a blondie, back to the dark brown me, sobs, lol.
Double ps: 2 more days till they are back people! :D
Okay i guess thats all for now, till then!